Rise Up For Homes

Supporting The Homeless
With all the controversy surrounding pan handling and the number of homeless people in New Bedford sometimes its easy forget that there's a human side to it. But one event made sure the homeless don't lose sight of the fact that people in the city still care for them.
Helping The Homeless
Rise Up For Homes, a community organization committed to creating an emergency "overflow" shelter for the homeless in New Bedford, has a good start on that project, thanks to WBSM's Quarters for Christmas.
WBSM personalities and members of Rise Up for Homes collected hundreds o…
WBSMs Quarters For Christmas Returns
After a decade long hiatus, WBSM is bringing back radio legend Stan Lipp’s Quarters for Christmas this December!  On Saturday, December 5th WBSM will be broadcasting live from the Dartmouth Mall to raise money for Rise Up For Homes, a local initiative to establish emergency over…
Home Street Home
" How does it feel to be without a home...like a complete unknown...like a rolling stone"....Bob Dylan. New Bedford was the home of a homeless awareness event called One Homeless Night ... Is Too Many.
Reaching Down Lifting Up
When it come to homelessness, there's no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. Our community is coming together to elevate the awareness of local homelessness on Friday, October 16, from 6 pm to 6 am at Normandin Middle School with One Homeless Night ...