Prostitute Arrested on Collette Street in New Bedford
NEW BEDFORD - Police have arrested a woman after she was found offering to engage in sex for a fee.
New Bedford Police were conducting a surveillance operation on Collette Street just after 7 p.m. Tuesday when they say Melissa Bennett, 38, of New Bedford offered to perform sexual acts in exchang…
Five People Arrested for Prostitution in New Bedford
Five people were arrested Thursday in New Bedford following an investigation into street-level prostitution and drug activity in the city's North End.
The investigation, conducted by the New Bedford Police Narcotics Division, is part of a continuing crackdown on criminal activity in the North Fr…
Fall River Woman Pleads Not Guilty to Prostitution Charges
A Fall River courtroom was cleared after an emotional outburst from a woman who insisted she's innocent of sex trafficking of underage girls.
The Fall River Herald News reports 38-year-old Olivia Lara pleaded not guilty Thursday to state human trafficking charges, then screamed and cried when a …