McCoy Stadium

Pawsox Offer Free Brady Friday
The PAWSOX, to do their bit for the FREE BRADY movement.
Next Friday, June 10th is FREE BRADY FRIDAY at McCoy Stadium.  The PAWSOX will charge only 12 bucks for a $13 box seat ticket to honor Ole Numba 12 but if your name is Tom or Brady admission to the game is FREE...
'Truck Day' Nears
While Southern New England continues to dig out of the snow this week, the Boston Red Sox hope to warm up the hearts of Red Sox Nation with the 18th annual Truck Day.
PawSox Sold
It's been rumored for months and we talked about it on the air, but it's official now. The Pawtucket Red Sox have been officially sold! A Sunday news report, according to the Boston Globe, said the deal has been made and the sale of the team will go to a group that will include the Boston …