The PAWSOX, to do their bit for the FREE BRADY movement.

Next Friday, June 10th is FREE BRADY FRIDAY at McCoy Stadium.  The PAWSOX will charge only 12 bucks for a $13 box seat ticket to honor Ole Numba 12 but if your name is Tom or Brady admission to the game is FREE!

The embattled New England Patriot's QB is embroiled in a legal battle with the NFL and seemingly everyone else outside of New England who suggest he might have to cheat to win.  Brady is lawyered up and ready to roll this thing all the way up the legal flagpole to the SCOTUS if need be to overturn a heavy handed four game suspension.  Seems a forced benching is the only way they can defeat the four time world champion!

PAWSOX Senior VP and GM Dan Rea says, "Tom Brady is one of the region's most beloved athletes and public figures."  Rea says, "This evening allows PAWSOX fans, so many of whom are Patriots fans, to show their support for him."

The first 3,000 fans on FREE BRADY FRIDAY will receive a commemorative placard.


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