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Ice Cream Tickets
FREETOWN - Freetown Police are stepping up issuances of citations, but with a twist.
The Freetown Police Association announced on their Facebook page they'll be looking out for people performing good deeds or exhibiting good behavior, like lending a helping hand, wearing a seatbelt, or wear…
List of Local Creameries Opening in March 2017
Winter is technically over on Monday, March 20th as that is the calendar's first day of spring. However, here on the Southcoast we consider the opening day of our favorite local ice cream parlors as a sure sign that spring has officially arrived.
Banana Split For Breakfast
The best time for ice cream is breakfast! I'm sure most of you reading this would consider it blasphemy to give your child ice cream for breakfast. But, you may want to rethink allowing your kids to have a scoop of the cold, sweet treat first thing in the morning, because a new study says ice c…

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