The booze-infused ice cream trend has been on the rise around Massachusetts and now Rhode Island has its first alcoholic ice cream shop. Zero Degrees Celsius opened recently on Westminster Street and so far it has gotten rave reviews.

To me, these boozed-infused frozen delights sound like the perfect thing for when you can't decide between drinks and dessert. It used to take a drive towards Boston for ice cream lovers on the SouthCoast to get their boozy ice cream fix. Daddy's Dairy in Stoughton has been serving Tipsy Scoop for a few years now and this summer Precinct Kitchen + Bar at the Loews Boston Hotel joined forces with Tipsy Scoop.

Several other restaurants in Massachusetts and Rhode Island jumped on the alcohol-infused milkshake game, some taking it to incredible levels (like the Boston Burger Company "freak frappe" pictures below) and others just literally putting alcohol in a shake. For Rhode Island, the new Zero Degrees Celsius is the first ice cream shop with alcohol-infused sundaes, shakes and cones on the menu.

Like the Boston Beer Company, they put some incredible frappes together with mounds of whipped cream, entire donuts and whole cookies on top, but they also will just give you a cup of boozy ice cream. Don't worry parents, you can take the kids along, because there are plenty of alcohol-free ice cream on site as well.

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It seems like a nice changeup to the usual bar scene and a much tastier way to grab an after-work drinks with friends. The Westminster Street location means they'll be serving the booze-infused ice cream late night during WaterFire events as well.

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