It was my sister-in-law's birthday last weekend. We stopped at Peaceful Meadows in Middleboro before going to her house to pick up a certificate as an addition to her gift. If you're not familiar with this favorite ice cream shop, know that it is one of those staples that every Middleboro resident enjoys. Everyone in the area looks forward to a sweet treat from Peaceful Meadows Ice Cream.

We were surprised to see the sign say "Temporarily Closed" as this ice cream shop remains open year-round. But with the pandemic still in play, we just figured they might have had a close-contact situation and shut down for a day or two out of an abundance of caution. We really didn't give it much thought.

We went to the party and it wasn't until someone told us that they were closed for the season that our jaws dropped. The only time this institution was closed in recent memory was at the beginning of the pandemic as most businesses saw the same fate. No Peaceful Meadows this season? Does that mean no special eggnog? How were we going to get our certificates for the holidays? We needed answers.

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According to the business Facebook page, the Middleboro location of Peaceful Meadows will be temporarily closed. There is no explanation as to why this location was closed or for how long. Locals are up in arms over this change.

Since my in-laws are still spinning their wheels over this, I decided to take a look into the decision. The other two locations in Plymouth and Whitman remain open at this time. I called Plymouth this afternoon to get to the bottom of this mystery.

According to an employee, the Middleboro location is currently closed due to being extremely short-staffed this season. There is no set date to reopen, but the hope is to welcome customers back for ice cream sundaes and frappes sometime at the beginning of 2022.

In the meantime, customers can satisfy their Peaceful Meadows cravings in Plymouth or Whitman. The Whitman location can be found at 60 Bedford Street and is open until 9:30 pm. The Plymouth location can be found at 170 Water Street and is open until 10 pm.

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