Get excited, Marion. A new ice cream shop opens on Friday, April 26, 2024.

Annie's Ice Cream Shop is directly behind Mimi's gift shop on Front Street in the village.

The location has been serving ice cream fo 10 years, though it was formerly known as Sea Dips Ice Cream, an extension of the gift shop. However, the ice cream selection at Sea Dips was much more limited than what the town is about to see at Annie's.

Annie Domagala said she answered a Facebook Marketplace ad for a freezer at Sea Dips. The owner was looking to sell all of the ice cream business fixtures  By the end of the conversation, Domagala decided to give the new location a try and launch her second location.

"It was a great location," she said. "It was kind of meant to be. Sometimes, God puts things in your path and we need to take those opportunities."

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Annie's Ice Cream Shop will primarily sell Acushnet Creamery flavors complimented with a few flavors from Richardson's. It will carry 45 flavors of hard ice cream, 10 flavors of soft serve, sundaes, frappes and freezes.

Annie's Ice Cream Shop
Annie's Ice Cream Shop

Domagala has another shop in Freetown called Annie's Ice Cream Shack. It's in a small, 100-year-old farm building.

"When we opened it 10 years ago it was appropriate to call it a shack, but that didn't make sense for the new location," Domagala said.

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Both stores will be run by Domagala and her five children, who are all in their 20s.

Annie's Ice Cream Shop will be open daily from noon to 8 p.m. until Columbus Day. It will stay open later for the town's concert band series at the Robert Broomhead Bandstand, Island Wharf.

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