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Chief On Seeds
School officials in Seekonk are warning parents to be aware after plant seeds with hallucinogenic properties.
Teens Using Plant Seeds To Get High [VIDEO]
Did you know that if you ate the seeds of 20 apples, you would die of cyanide poisoning? By now, we know how bad overdosing has become on the Southcoast. We do not want our children to be the victim of a drug overdose. Our children on the Southcoast must be kept safe and avoid using these illegal drugs. Meanwhile, across the Braga Bridge and westbound off I-195, parents are being warned about a tr
Housing Behind Home Depot?
Dartmouth wants to think outside the box when it comes to their commercial area. The town recently completed their Retail Corridor Study, which looked at different options for unused areas around the mall and other shopping spaces such as empty parking lots and undeveloped land...
Local Stores Closed Thanksgiving
I was mentioning on-air that closing on Black Friday didn't make any sense whatsoever for a retailer. Outdoor and sporting goods chain REI made some headlines in the last couple of days by announcing that they will be closed on Black Friday, giving its workers a paid day off and urging its customers to spend the day outside instead of shopping...

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