School officials in Seekonk are warning parents to be aware after plant seeds with hallucinogenic properties. 

Sleepy Grass, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, and Blue Morning Glory seeds contain d-lysergic acid amide (LSA) which is similar to LSD and can cause spatial and temporal distortion, auditory and visual hallucinations, introspection and side effects such as distortion and vomiting.

Superintendent Arlene Bosco says that plant seeds were recently found in the Seekonk School District and the building was investigated.

Police Chief Craig Mace tells WBSM News that his department had heard about a similar incident and was able to warn school officials.

"We had received word of its potential prevalence around April 20 from Somerset, through a network of information, and then we apprised our school system through our School Resource Officer Matt Gardner," said Mace "so the school was put on alert that this may be coming so it worked out that once they recognized they had something similar to what Somerset had they addressed it."

In response the Home Depot in Somerset has agreed to remove the seeds from the shelves while they await further directives from Corporate Headquarters.

Mace cautions however that this store isn't the only place where these seeds can be legally purchased.

"It might not be fair to just strictly identify Home Depot, because these seeds could probably be acquired at any store that sells seeds," said Mace "it could be a home improvement store, could be a grocery store, could be any place."

That's why Mace says it's so important for parents to monitor their child's behavior and take action when necessary.

"It's going to be up to parents and/or guardians to keep an eye out for these things where you have a child that has these seeds and the child is not usually into gardening or planting flowers then parents need to be cognizant of that and question the child about the seeds and what their intent is and take them away."

Mace says parents can utilize the internet to get more information about these and other similar seeds. He also urges parents to monitor their child's internet activity as they may be doing the same.

Anyone with information regarding this issue is being asked to contact the Seekonk School Department or the Seekonk Police Department.

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