Did you know that if you ate the seeds of 20 apples, you would die of cyanide poisoning? By now, we know how bad overdosing has become on the Southcoast. We do not want our children to be the victim of a drug overdose. Our children on the Southcoast must be kept safe and avoid using these illegal drugs. Meanwhile, across the Braga Bridge and westbound off I-195, parents are being warned about a troubling problem that has been a concern in Seekonk.

According to WPRI 12, school officials stated that students are ingesting plant seeds to experience a hallucinogenic effect.

In a memo sent to students and parents Tuesday, the Superintendent of Seekonk Public Schools, says “seeds for plants like sleepy grass, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, and Blue Morning Glory were found in the Seekonk School District.”

The names of these seeds may sound harmless, but according to the superintendent, “the seeds contain a chemical, which, when ingested, closely resembles the effects of LSD, causing hallucinations, nausea, and vomiting.”

The warning from Seekonk says students in a nearby school district were hospitalized after swallowing seeds.

The Home Depot on Grand Army Highway in Somerset has removed these seeds from their shelves, but parents are being warned that the seeds may be sold at other stores.

No local students have been sickened so far.

Watch the video down below by WPRI 12 of the report from this dangerous new trend.

With additional reporting by Sal Lopez

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