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OPINION| Brian Thomas: Let Citizens Control Guns
Imagine being an innocent by-stander on a street in Sutherland, Texas, or inside a suburban Denver WalMart as gunshots ring out. These recent incidents illuminate the tragic state of affairs in many areas of the United States.
If you are one of the before-mentioned by-standers, how many thank yous ar…
Local heroin overdoses explained
Why are there so many heroin overdoses all of a sudden? It's happening here and all across the country. And the short answer is people are reportedly overdosing on dangerous narcotics like fentanyl that has been mixed with heroin. To put this in perspective, fentanyl is 30 times more potent tha…
Federal Legislation Filed To Protect First-Responders
First responders, health professionals and family members who administer overdose-reversing drugs would be shielded from potential lawsuits under a bill filed in Congress.
The bill's supporters say the use of drugs like naloxone _ also known as Narcan _ in an emergency overdose situation shouldn…

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