FDA Loves Big Tobacco
Your right to vape in this country is in serious danger! Draconian regulations are coming down thanks to Democrats, Big Tobacco and the Giant Pharma industry.
UMass Dartmouth Goes Smoke-Free
UMass Dartmouth officials and students have been working for a year to make the university smoke and tobacco-free. Now its official. As of June 1st, the campus has been declared smoke, tobacco and e-cigarette-free.
University spokesman John Hoey tells WBSM News, "its not about the prohibitio…
Teenage Smoking Changes
It's good news that many middle school kids aren't smoking traditional cigarettes as much anymore. Instead, they've swapped a Marlboro for an e-cigarette! Federal data just found a sharp increase in e-cigarette use among teenagers, which tripled among middle and high school stude…
E Cigarettes
Smokers who use electronic cigarettes are 60-percent more likely to quit than those who use patches, gum, or just willpower.
Forty Attorneys-General Want Regulations For E-Cigarettes
Forty attorneys general are urging the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to meet its own deadline and regulate electronic cigarettes in the same way it regulates tobacco products.
    The letter dated Tuesday is co-sponsored by Massachusetts Attorney Martha Coakley and Ohio Attor…