Your right to vape in this country is in serious danger! Draconian regulations are coming down thanks to Democrats, Big Tobacco and the Giant Pharma industry. Vapors' worst fears are coming true if the new regulations will destroy the burgeoning industry. Right now, vaping is not considered a tobacco product, but the FDA and Big Tobacco want to change that by adjusting its definition to include e-cigs, thus making it a tobacco product. Is nicotine chewing gum considered a tobacco product? Hell no! It's not fair to take the vape industry and try to regulate it as a tobacco product. You can get e-liquid with or without nicotine.

But you've seen what the Big Boys have done with taxing tobacco. That's the same way they want to tax e-liquids by charging $9 million per nicotine strength, per flavor. This would triple the cost of a bottle of e-liquid, and your small Mom & Pops, like Acushnet Vape Co., would lose customers, employees and ultimately have to close down. In the meantime, Big Tobacco would slide in and take over the industry because they have bottomless pockets.

There are more than nine million people who vape in the U.S. No cancer causing chemicals, a healthy alternative to smoking tobacco, it's a cheaper alternative, no fire so it's not a fire risk, and there's no passive smoke to anyone around you. Don't just sit back and let the FDA give Big Tobacco a big win on Vaping. Call Ben Sherman, owner of Acushnet Vape Co. at 774-206-6167. Vape on!

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