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Young Hillary Rodham In the Early 1970s
A pattern of lies, fibs or mis-speaking perhaps but the 1970s was another decade riddled with Hillary Clinton's accounts of things that weren't so. In recent days, her defenders in New Bedford, MA tried to insinuate that she was not blaming the schools here of denying invalids and handicap…
Will She Apologize?
Does Democrat Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton owe New Bedford an apology?  At least two members of the City Council believe that she does and are demanding it.
City Councilors Henry Bousquet and Kerry Winterson believe Democrat Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton played fast and loose with the…
Children's Defense Fund
After Hillary Clinton mentioned her encounter with a handicapped girl in New Bedford during an address at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia there were questions raised about that encounter.
Hillary Clinton has made New Bedford out to be an example of how her leadership has changed the world. Only problem is she is not telling the whole the truth. Again.
Democrat Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton spent some time in New Bedford back in 1973 with the Children's Defense Fund investi…
A New Bedford Tale?
From The New Bedford Standard Times April 17, 2015 in an article by Steve Urbon:
The idealistic young woman with the long hair and huge eyeglasses had just graduated from Yale Law School, the future holding nothing but potential. But instead of shipping off to a New York or Washington law firm, she j…