Another activist is coming forward to discuss Hillary Rodham Cinton's encounter with a girl in a wheelchair.

While he wasn't there personally, John "Buddy" Andrade told WBSM News he thinks the story is likely true saying that, at the time the incident took place, there would be numerous reasons why a girl like that wouldn't be attending school.

"If a child was in a wheelchair depending on which school she was going to there were no elevators there were no handicapped ramps, there was no way for a child to get up a long set of stairs in any of the schools that we have or had during that time,"

Andrade also says that in the 1970's, when Clinton was working for the Children's Defense Fund, Chapter 766 was passed to ensure that obstacles whether physical or cultural wouldn't prevent a child from attending school.

"It was done being based on the issues that were going on throughout the state and of course in New Bedford with people with disabilities and the cultural thing was a very big thing and I think that was part of the reason why it was being addressed because people weren't getting an education," said Andrade "whether it was cultural or whatever, and the law was saying that everybody had to get an education."

Andrade also commented on activist Marlene Tavares's account of the incident to the Standard Times saying that Tavares is very credible and believes there are also others who could corroborate the story.

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