The grand entertainment venue that will be Silver Stone Castle continues to take shape in Swansea, and while the excavating process began in August, the building process has seemingly slowed down.

Owner Joe Estrela provided an update on the future attraction that will bring medieval times alive.

Around nine months ago, I spoke with Estrela to get the scoop on his vision for Silver Stone Castle and Family Entertainment.

He shared that the massive castle off Route 6 will be 87,000 square feet and will be home to a two-story indoor go-kart track, an indoor luxury pool with cabanas, a giant arcade, rock-climbing wall, and virtual reality games, as well as a ballroom that can host events for up to 250 guests, smaller party rooms, and a full restaurant and bar.

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Estrela is a huge lover of medieval times and looks forward to bringing a more refined medieval experience to the SouthCoast, but the process has been slowed due to a few bumps in the road.

Estrella shared that the town and the state are taking longer than expected to approve the water line for the establishment.

“We can't build anymore because we don't have water on the site in case of fire,” he said. “So the fire department has stopped us from finishing the building until we get water access.”

Some work has begun on the go-kart track and the plumbing, but now, Estrella and his developers are playing the waiting game until they have access to water.

The good news is that Swansea will have a one-of-a-kind entertainment space that offers thrilling attractions upon completion. Until then, take a look at the building process and what the finished castle will look like alongside G.A.R. Highway.

Check Out Swansea's Future Family Entertainment Venue, Silver Stone Castle

Owner and Swansea native Joe Estrela hopes to open the gates of his massive entertainment complex in the Summer of 2022. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of the proposed design for his medieval-inspired adventure castle.

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