While you were at or getting ready to attend Easter mass Sunday morning, firefighter crews were attending to a large animal in need.

A Swansea horse found herself stuck between a stall and a wall inside her barn. Weighing in at 1,100 pounds, "Splash" was the center of attention for 25 firefighters. A veterinarian sedated the horse at the scene so they could stabilize the barn, and she was free after being stuck for fifteen minutes. The rescue went smoothly, thanks to the wonderful help of the firefighter crews and a theory Splash's vet has.

"She was really good. She's actually completely blind on her left side so she actually fell with her left side up so she really couldn't see what was going on and the vet believes that's probably what kept her as calm as it did,” said owner Jesse Taylor.

Glad to see you safe Splash! Happy Easter!

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