Tossing and turning at night? Well, then you're like 83% of Americans according to the LA Times

So why are Americans losing so much needed rest?

Stress and anxiety were cited as the top reason by 48% of the 1,008 adults interviewed by the polling firm Harris Interactive. In addition, 47% of those surveyed said they simply weren’t able to turn off their thoughts.

I've wrestled with insomnia and poor sleep myself. As we take on more responsibility in life, it's hard to let go of those thoughts instantaneously when our heads hit the pillow.   A great exercise I've recently learned in order to tune out the noise in my head is meditation. I've done Yoga as a mode of relaxation, and until recently hadn't really appreciated the meditative part of the practice. Try it. Learn to meditate and those things that consume your thought will soon dissipate.

Other pointers:

  • Minimize caffeine intake throughout the day
  • Go for a walk every day or try to engage in physical activity to exhaust yourself
  • Read a book to distract your mind
  • Make sure you have the right kind of support. Need expert advice? click here for info from Worley Beds!