A cameraman from Channel 7 in Boston has been barred from the Aaron Hernandez trial.

Bob Cusanelli followed the bus that brought the jurors back to their cars following deliberations on Wednesday.

During a hearing on Thursday Cusanelli said Channel 7 didn't order him to do what he did, he believes the station would have approved of his actions.

"I knew they felt that was good information to have," said Cusanelli.

Cusanelli also told Judge Garsh he never spoke with any jurors or took down any license plate numbers.

WHDH's Legal Counsel Michael Gass said in court that Cusanelli made a snap decision and is sorry for his actions.

"I think what happened here in fairness your honor is an experienced photographer made a snap decision that, in hindsight, was not a very good one and is sorry," said Gass.

Hernandez is on trial for the 2013 killing of Odin Lloyd.