Just cleaning out a few thoughts that are cluttering up my mind:

If you rely on a certain means of doing something, especially that which is illegal, harmful to others and violent, you are very likely to have a negative outcome as a result thereof.

Such is the end of the life of murderer James "Whitey" Bulger who was, in early reports, killed Tuesday at a West Virginia federal prison. An esteemed "fellow inmate with Mafia ties" is being celebrated by other prisoners for the slaying. Bulger's gangland murders were humdrum matter-of-course. He was 89 and serving two life sentences for 11 murders, but there were more. In a letter to a former prison friend, Bulger wrote: "I had a good life and I Lived! ... [expletive] Society + its Court System! I'll laugh when I exit this world." Ha ha ha!!

From a newly unredacted report, Aaron Hernandez was high on K2, synthetic marijuana, when he died by suicide. New Bedford's nationally renowned attorney George Leontire agrees that Hernandez's drug use was clearly hidden from the public. An inmate said Hernandez spent the last two days of his life in an altered state of mind from smoking K2 in his cell. Leontire, who represented Hernandez and still represents Hernandez's fiancee and young daughter, has been tenacious in getting the Department of Corrections to turn over complete records that haven't been blacked out. Why would state investigators want to conceal the truth about Aaron Hernandez's drug use prior to suicide? It could shed light on why he killed himself. It would also show the extensive use of contraband drugs inside some prisons. This story is still developing.

Hook, line and sinker: Hillary Clinton jokes that all blacks "look alike" after the interviewer botched a question about Eric Holder's "kick them" comment. Clinton made the joke after questioner Kara Swisher of Recode asked her following a discussion about correctness, "What do you think of Cory Booker saying 'Kick them in the shins, essentially'?'"

"Well that was Eric Holder, Clinton responded, correcting her host, who meant to reference the former attorney general. "Eric Holder, sorry," Swisher responded, according to video of the event.

"I know, they all look alike," deadpanned Clinton. The audience erupted in laughter.

Nowadays, Democrats can say anything without fear of repercussion because most of the media covers for them.

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