Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn III joined WBSM's Chris McCarthy to discuss a number of issues on the SouthCoast.

First, Quinn offers up some of his own background, to give the audience a better understanding of where he comes from when he decides to prosecute cases in the way he does.

"I've prosecuted people in murder cases, and defended them also," he said.

Of course, Quinn was appointed at a time right when one of the biggest murder trials in the history of Bristol County was just getting underway--the case against Aaron Hernandez in the murder of Odin Lloyd.

Quinn's office was able to get a conviction, to which he gave full credit to his entire team.

The DA also discussed how the opioid crisis has affected Bristol County, both from a societal perspective as well as a legal one.

He also discussed his dedication to fighting elder abuse, as well as his work with local young people to keep them on the right path, including his "Hiding in Plain Sight" program.



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