Buttonwood Park Zoo Director Keith Lovett says there's not much change in Ruth the elephant's condition. Ruth is reported as suffering from gastrointestinal complications, and hasn't been able to pass food.

Lovett says she is up and about, as zoo staff took her for a walk around the park Thursday morning. "I wouldnt' say she is as quick as she normally would be, but she went for a nice walk. It was more meandering. And we also had her in her pool this morning to help take some of the pressure off her. She's moving around very well," said Lovett.

Lovett says she doesn't seem to be in a lot of pain. Lovett says though she's receiving constant care from expert veterinarians, anything can with Ruth happen at this point. "She's stable but guarded. Could it take a turn for the worse in the next couple of days? Absolutely. Could this be a long process that we're going to deal with? It's quite likely. But we're with her."

Ruth remains on an IV drip as she is not eating much. Lovett says, however, she's been loving the amount of visitors she's had since yesterday, and encourages more people to come to the zoo to say hello.