Buttonwood Zoo Donates Digital Scale for Elephants in Vietnam
The effort to save the nearly-extinct elephant population of Vietnam has been given a big boost from the SouthCoast.
Patrons of the Buttonwood Park Zoo have donated enough money that the zoo was recently able to purchase a digital scale for the Elephant Conservation Center in Dak Lak, Vietnam...
Worst Zoos for Elephants
NEW BEDFORD - The Buttonwood Park Zoo has once again appeared on a list of the Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants.
The list, compiled by In Defense of Animals, places the New Bedford zoo in their "Hall of Shame," making this the seventh consecutive year the zoo has appeared on the list...
Ruth Feeling Better
Ruth the elephant is doing much better.
Buttonwood Park Zoo Director Keith Lovett says it was touch and go for the pacyderm Friday and Saturday as she was suffering from gastrointestinal stasis.
Lovett tells WBSM News that changed Sunday morning when Ruth was finally able to pass much of the blockage …
Update on Ruth
Buttonwood Park Zoo Director Keith Lovett says there's not much change in Ruth the elephant's condition. Ruth is reported as suffering from gastrointestinal complications, and hasn't been able to pass food.
Lovett says she is up and about, as zoo staff took her for a walk around the pa…
Ruth is Sick
One of the Buttonwood Park Zoo's biggest residents is sick.
For several days, Ruth the Elephant has been dealing with gastrointestinal difficulties.
BP Zoo Director Keith Lovett tells WBSM News at this point, Ruth isn't eating anything...