The Southeast Regional Transit Authority Advisory Board has tabled a proposal that would increase rates for demand response service for the disabled.  The board met Thursday at New Bedford City Hall, and heard from members of two groups, Bus Riders United and the Mass. Senior Action Council, both opposed to the rate hike.  Michelle Sylvia of Freetown is with Mass Senior Action.

The board, led by Fall River Mayor Wil Flanagan and New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell, led the charge to table the issue till the November meeting.  SRTA Administrator Erik Rousseau says Bus Riders United had offered a compromise plan in the past,  and he'll take another look at it.

The board did approve a new fee schedule for so-called fixed routes, increasing the initial fee by 25-cents, to $1.50 per person while eliminating charges for zone changes.  The board also hopes to expand service to nights and Sundays, but Rousseau says nothing will happen till the demand response question is resolved.

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