There's a new bench in town and bus riders are rejoicing.

A bench has been installed by the bus stop near the Walmart/Marshalls plaza in Fairhaven.

For years, I passed this location only to find abandoned and flipped shopping carts. It was an eyesore in an otherwise beautiful town.

Department of Public Works board member Anne Morton-Smith asked Rep. Bill Straus (D-Mattapoisett) who acted promptly.

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"I reached out to SRTA (Southeastern Regional Transit Authority) and they were able to get a crew out there right away, size it up, anchor it down and get it installed," Straus said. "It’s the little things that make an even bigger difference. Some of the best ideas come from the people I work with at the local level and for that, we can all make a difference."

Strauss said something as small as a bus stop bench will cause less stress for people shopping in Fairhaven.

He's right. It's an active bus stop. People of all ages are constantly gathered there, waiting patiently for their buses to arrive.

If there's one final suggestion I might add to this recent project, it's to have a trashcan. I noticed a lot of of trash surrounding the new bench.

Again, sometimes, something as simple as a bench can mean the world to someone who has trouble standing for long periods. Sometimes, taking a seat can help someone with asthma catch their breath for a moment.

You never know what someone is struggling with behind closed doors and if a bench is helpful, then I say kudos to Rep. Straus, Smith and SRTA for getting the job done.

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