The weather has been absolutely amazing lately and you know everyone just wants to be outside enjoying it.

Parks and beaches are already filling up fast and the relaxing restrictions means even more people out and about everywhere this summer.

But as the crowds pack in, you maybe want to just chill out.

So perhaps now is the time to get the yard looking great and ready for all the company you want to have over?

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I know my husband has been obsessed with our yard ever since we moved into our own home.

From spreading grass seed every year to cutting down trees, building a fairly massive garden and renting an excavator to install the fire pit of his dreams, the yard has been the main focus of our remodeling.

Though things are looking pretty nice out my back windows these days, I can't help but look around to see what others have done with their outdoor spaces, too.

From huge sprawling green space to nicely manicured lawns, these SouthCoast homes found on Zillow are some really nice spots to soak up the sun without going too far from home – and some even let you hit the beach while barely leaving your own property.

Though none of them have the bathtub Madonna commonly found on the SouthCoast or need to feature a joke about trimming your hedges to make your deck look bigger, I think we can all agree that these homeowners have done something really special with their outdoor spaces.

The SouthCoast's Best Backyards

The weather has been beautiful and everyone seems ready to head outdoors – and these houses have some of the nicest outdoors spaces we've seen on the SouthCoast.

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