Several of the New England for Trump stores have either closed or are being consolidated with other stores as owner Keith Lambert continues to try to provide Donald Trump-themed merchandise for the president’s supporters across the region.

According to social media posts, the Somerset location is set to close on Wednesday. The locations in Middleboro, Falmouth and Webster all closed today.

Lambert took to several Facebook groups as well as his business’s own social media accounts to spread the word of the store closings and announce a sale on merchandise. “New England for Trump is closing several stores this week and has killer deals. Our last day in Middleboro, Falmouth and Webster will be today Sunday 12/27. All items will be $5-10. Come help us clear out inventory!!” Lambert wrote. “Somerset MA will close on Wednesday as well. We have lots of Second Amendment and law enforcement stuff left as well.”

In addition to pro-Trump merchandise, the New England for Trump stores also stocked merchandise promoting the right to bear arms and the Back the Blue pro-police movement.

Lambert specified in comments in one Facebook group that he is “not going out of business,” but rather “closing a few stores because we’re running out of product.”

At one point, Lambert had 22 stores open across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York and Connecticut, as well as his online shop. He also operates the “Trump Trailer” that travels to different locations selling merchandise.

Lambert told WHDH following the presidential election in November that he planned to keep most of his shops open through Christmas, and that he planned to have at least five locations open through 2021. He has said that he expects Trump merchandise will remain in demand as he believes Trump will run again in 2024.

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