Modifying a protein of Creutzfeldt-Jakob diease to "leave the infected living in a more simple state, one harmonious with nature, permanently free of higher cognitive functions" (315) in order to level the playing field for mankind seems preposterous. But is it really?


The 6th Extinction
Harper Collins

James Rollins creates a journey so intense and plausible, the reader is unable to stop turning the pages of The 6th Extinction. If it is possible to synthesize DNA and/or RNA to make XNA, the balance of life as we know it would change forever. The world is running out of time.

Rollins builds the intrigue of this hypothesis through history and science. Let's not forget the people who make up Sigma Force, an elite covert arm of the U.S. Defense Department made up of former Special Forces officers trained as experts in various scientific fields.

Sigma Force takes the reader on a fast-paced action adventure to save mankind from a fate too horrendous to contemplate. "But sometimes all the determination in the world wasn't enough. sometimes only one path was left open. To make hard and difficult choices." (176)

Who knows, maybe this novel will come to the big screen as the next Armageddon! Don't miss reading The 6th Extinction by James Rollins. It's truly the adventure of a lifetime!

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