A sure sign of summer's return is the Strawberry Moon. The name has nothing to do with the moon's color, but it was given that name by Native Americans to help track the seasons. They knew to harvest strawberries at this time, ripe in peak season. Don’t be disappointed if you see the full moon and it’s not pink or bright red. Instead, appreciate the golden hue it will have as it rises from the East tonight. Because this moon will rise much later than any other this year, it will appear larger than any other full moon we’ve seen so far in 2020, and any full moon for the rest of the year. This is technically an optical illusion, but still cool.

According to Almanac.com, tonight’s moonrise on the SouthCoast is set to take place at 8:20 pm on Friday, June 5. The Strawberry Moon will set on Saturday, June 6 at 5:03 am. Tonight happens to be my father’s 50th birthday, so we’ll be gathered to celebrate him by the time the moon rises. I’ll have to remember to step outside and look to the east to see the epic full moon around 8 pm. According to Forbes.com, it is best to get into a position for optimal viewing about 15 to 20 minutes before moonrise tonight.

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