Is it time for New Bedford to make another pitch to the Pawtucket Red Sox?  According to the Worcester Telegraph, the PawSox are once again interested in moving the team out of Rhode Island and potentially into a Massachusetts city.  The newspaper reports that the team is conducting "back channel" negotiations to bring the team to Worcester.

“The exclusive relationship we had with Pawtucket, the ‘monogamous’ relationship, ended as of July 1,” one PawSox source said here on Monday. “So, as of now we will be returning phone calls.”  The Worcester Telegraph

This begs the question:  "Should New Bedford throw its hat back into the ring to bring the Red Sox AAA team to the Whaling City?"  We talked to City Councilor Brian Gomes.  Gomes has been a long time advocate for bringing professional sports to the city...including a pitch to the New England Patriots back in the mid 90's.  That was a long time ago...before names like Belichick and Brady brought 5 Lombardi trophies back to Foxboro.  A time when even Hartford was up for consideration as a site for the then unremarkable Patriots franchise.  Times have certainly changed, but the stadium talk continues to bubble just under the surface of reality.

"I was in ahead of Bob Kraft," says Brian Gomes.  "If you remember I wanted to put in a multi-purpose stadium here that had stores and annexes for things like the Boys' Club or some type of attraction for kids...things that would help pay for the stadium."

As far as the bringing the minor league baseball to the city, Councilor Gomes said he could see a stadium off of 195 in the Washburn Street/Hicks Street/Logan Street area...saying the potential location reminds him of the way Yankee Stadium is similarly situated off of the highway in the Bronx.  Gomes had this to say:

"To have a team like the PawSox with us would be awesome.  I'm willing to go at it again and attempt to speak with ownership to at least let them know that the city of New Bedford would be very interested in possibly having the Pawtucket Red Sox."  --New Bedford City Councilor Brian Gomes

The  team's lease at McCoy Stadium runs out after the 2020 season.




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