My fiancé and I got engaged last August and I've been looking forward to wedding dress shopping since I slipped the ring on my finger. If we're being completely honest, I've probably dreamt of this day since I was a little girl playing dress-up with pretend princess gowns. So to say that I'm excited to find my dream dress would be an understatement.

One thing I've never imagined in a gazillion years was having to wear a mask while trying dresses on. As many brides have come to realize, this is part of the "new normal" thanks to COVID-19 and we just have to kind of accept it. However, I don't think any of my current masks will help me achieve the true "bridal" look I've pictured in my head for the last 20-something years. And I really think that it will discourage me from embracing whatever dress I'm trying on at the time.

Scrolling through my newsfeed recently, I've seen 2020 brides who decided that their wedding would still take place in the middle of a pandemic and are actually rocking the masks in a perfect way. These brides took to Amazon, Etsy, and other outlets to purchase white face masks that have obviously been inspired by wedding gowns. Some have lace, some have delicate sequins, and others are just classic and clean.

While I still have a year before I say, "I do," and I'm hoping that by that point none of this will be an issue, I still have events leading up to our wedding day to consider. AKA, dress shopping. So, now I'm looking at a style on Amazon that I'm low-key obsessed with and need some advice.

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