Less than six months into my tenure at Fun 107, we planned one of the most interesting events in the radio station's history. Out of all of our years here at Fun 107, our Mega Marriage stunt was one that we'll never forget.

Here's How it Worked

During Valentine's Week in 1996, the Fun 107 morning show (which consisted of JR, Sharon and Kookinbocker at the time) called out for people who were interested in having an all-expense paid wedding.

There was one catch.

You'd be one of seven couples sharing a wedding. We called it the Fun 107 Mega Marriage.

The event took place at Dartmouth's Hawthorne Country Club which, at the time, was one of the nicest facilities in the area. It included the meals, Justice of the Peace, wedding gown rentals, tuxedo rentals, DJ, photographer, videographer, flowers, cake and limo. Each couple was able to invite 40 guests.

One other catch?

We let the couples know they were winners on Valentine's Day. The Mega Marriage was set for 10 days later.

Joe and Robin Joubert

Courtesy of Robin Joubert
Courtesy of Robin Joubert

One of the couples was Joe and Robin Joubert.

Robin remembers getting the call from JR, Sharon and Kook 28 years ago.

"I had written a letter to enter the contest, and I didn't tell my boyfriend about it," she said. "They called us live on the radio on Valentine's Day. We were the last couple to win. I broke the news to him, then told him how the wedding would be with six other couples. We had to make a quick decision, but it worked out."

Why would someone want to get married alongside six other couples, all strangers?

Everyone had different reasons. The Jouberts had wanted to get married, but were both getting laid off. Fun 107's Mega Marriage gave them a chance to get married without any out-of-pocket expenses. Robin says the gifts from that free wedding gave them a significant financial boost when they really needed it.

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Robin also remembers one of the couples having faced some real trauma.

"There was another couple that were to be married a year or more before, but nearly her entire bridal party passed away in a car accident, when their car drove into the Silverstein's store on Kempton Street, New Bedford. None of the vendors allowed them to postpone or refund, including the venue, and they were forced to cancel the wedding. Someone wrote their letter for them to enter."

Robin also remembers some "craziness before and during" the Mega Marriage.

"One of the couples were in a huge fight as the groom had gone out late the night before and got hammered and was still drunk the day of the wedding. He later went on to pretty much cut up the dance floor doing a mock strip tease."

Twenty-eight years later, Robin and Joe are still married. They've raised a 25-year-old daughter, a 21-year-old son and have a seventh-grade boy working toward becoming an Eagle Scout.

Courtesy of Robin Joubert
Courtesy of Robin Joubert

"The contest Fun 107 did 28 years ago gave a head start to a couple that were a bit lost and struggling," Robin said. "All that we have been blessed with today started with winning that Fun 107 contest. We are grateful for your part in our lives and for the fun story we get to share. Like Joe said, 'It'll be a great story for our grandkids!'"

The Jouberts' daughter is engaged to be married.

She's going with a wedding for just one couple.

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