WASHINGTON, D.C. — Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson joined nearly 200 sheriffs from around the country on Thursday to present President Donald Trump a plaque honoring his support of law enforcement and work on immigration reform.

Sheriff Hodgson presented Trump the plaque in front of the group of sheriffs, praising the President for his work to curb illegal immigration and better protect law enforcement.

“America’s sheriffs present to President Donald J. Trump in appreciation of your strong leadership and unwavering efforts to stop illegal immigration in the burdening places on our citizens, families, neighborhoods and our nations, America’s sheriffs and the angel families of America salute you sir,” the Sheriff said as he presented the plaque to Trump.

Hodgson tweeted numerous photos of the event throughout the afternoon, thanking the President once more.

The ceremony on the south lawn of the White House followed a Wednesday press conference and political rally at the Capitol building, where the sheriffs joined 80 angel families to deliver a message to Congress that “enough is enough” when it comes to inaction on illegal immigration.

President Trump took time during the ceremony to tout his accomplishments and blast Democrats on illegal immigration. Trump said his administration has "done more in the last two and a half years for safety and security than the last 20 years worth of administrations."

“Tremendous progress has been made, even on the border. The border is like a different place than you’ve ever been. We have 27,000 Mexican soldiers guarding our border and I want to thank the Mexican President, he’s been great. Plus, we’ve changed laws and done many different things,” Sheriff Hodgson said.

“We can’t get the Democrats to do anything. They won’t change any of the loopholes that make things so much easier, as you know they won’t change those loopholes. They won’t change asylum, they won’t do anything with asylum. They want open borders. Frankly, I think they want crime.”

The Bristol County Sheriff's Office has also posted a video of the presentation to it's official Facebook page.

Earlier, the group of sheriffs met with members of the Trump Administration to discuss efforts to reform current immigration and sanctuary city policies they say are “hurting our communities and threatening our Nation's safety and security.”

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