DARTMOUTH — Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson has announced that he’ll be holding a press conference and political rally in Washington, D.C. Wednesday in the effort to tell Congress that U.S. citizens “have had enough” with the lack of immigration legislation.

Sheriff Hodgson made the announcement on the Phil Paleologos Show on Monday morning, saying the event, called Badges and Angels is intended to deliver a message to Congress that “enough is enough” when it comes inaction on immigration.

“It’s the coming together of nearly 200 sheriffs from across the country, about 80 angel families – those are people who have lost loved ones at the hands of criminal illegal aliens, all of us who have been talking to Congress for nearly 20 years, telling them that things are getting worse and worse. Drugs are being poured into the community, more and more of our family members are being killed by people who are coming here illegally, and you continue to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear,” said Sheriff Hodgson.

“We’re going to have a press conference at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning. We invite all the public and anyone that’s interested in this issue to come to the press conference and rally and show your support of law enforcement’s efforts to finally get Congress to stop their stonewalling of the victimization of people in this country and undermining our ability as sheriffs across this nation to keep our promise to protect our communities.”

The event and speeches will be made on the front side of the U.S. Capitol building.  Hodgson says it will be “an event like they’ve never seen before.” Following the event, the collection of sheriffs and angel families will participate in interviews with various radio stations on a radio row.  The event itself is also open to the press.

The Sheriff says the goal is rally to come together in agreement with the public that if those elected to Congress refuse to act on immigration, the voters will find somebody else who will.

“Congress will hear a very clear message, which is: If you are not going to do the job that you were sent here to do and you are going to continue using the legislative branch of our federal government as your political playground while people are dying and while drugs are pouring, well, then the sheriffs around this nation, America’s sheriffs, and the millions and millions of people that we represent, we’re going to go out and find people who will,” Hodgson said.

“Enough is enough. We pay your salaries, we give you a place to work, and instead of spending your time working and earning your salary you’re spending your time in this political playground doing self-serving power plays back and forth. But, while people outside the capitol area are saying, ‘hey we need some help over here,’ you’re just completely deaf and blind to any of it.”

In the days following the event, the group of sheriffs plan to meet with the Trump Administration at the White House to further discuss efforts to combat illegal immigration.

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