Children start learning at a young age. However, learning how to hold a gun for a young child is most likely not going to make it onto a parent's teaching bucket list.

Let's take a trip down south to Jacksonville, Florida, where Kernan Trail Elementary School sent home a letter to parents of students on Monday asking permission for their children to attend the Eddie Eagle Gun Safe Program.

According to Fox 25 Boston, the gun program is designed for students in pre-K through third grade to learn what to do if they discover a gun.

Eddie Eagle states that if a child does see a gun, the right thing to do is STOP...DON'T TOUCH...LEAVE THE AREA...And TELL AN ADULT.

The letter states that 25 million children across the country have used the program to learn about accident safety.

My gun safety tip is to absolutely teach the children early in life just as you would not to touch hot stoves and not to cross busy streets. The earlier that children are taught the essential values of life, the better off they will be.