Hard to believe, but it's been over four years since we finally installed solar panels for our home. My wife and I had been talking about going solar for years, but we were always waiting for someone else in the neighborhood or one of our friends or family to be the first to do it.

Finally, I had enough of the waiting and decided to start researching solar companies near me. I really wanted to do business with a solar provider that was based here on the SouthCoast. If I ever needed help or had a quick question, I didn't want to be dealing with a solar company located 3,000 miles away. That's a big reason we chose Isaksen Solar in Fall River for our solar panel installation.


It’s funny, I used to worry about things like the cost of energy going up. It really affected us financially. Ever since we switched to solar back in 2018, however, it just isn’t something that’s on my radar screen anymore.

I hear horror stories about National Grid raising rates 64% this month, and I've heard so many people complaining about how their bills have skyrocketed. I feel bad, but inside I can’t relate. My energy bill is never a surprise for me. It has remained exactly the same (to the penny) since I bought my panels four years ago, and it’s much less money than what I was paying before we switched. When my solar panels are paid off, the cost to power my home will drop to zero.  My days of guessing how much my power bills will be are over.


Federal incentives to install residential solar panels were decreasing until the Inflation Reduction Act was signed into law in August. Now, the federal government will give you a tax credit of 30 percent of the total cost for solar panels through 2033, when the credit falls to 26 percent. (Isaksen Solar explains it all in great detail here).

It's better than the incentive I got, because this new incentive also includes the cost for solar batteries. Massachusetts solar incentives are also available to homeowners through the SMART program to further decrease the cost of buying solar panels. 

If you've been curious about solar or wondering if your home would be a good candidate, there's no good reason to wait. To get your free solar quote from Isaksen Solar, call 508-717-3820 or visit isaksensolar.com/get-a-quote.

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