It's been another whirlwind week for Britney Spears. On the heels of having friends and family wondering if her conservatorship wasn't such a bad thing after all, the '90s pop icon went on a rant on Thursday.

In an assumed response to the rumors about her instability outside of the conservatorship and an ugly blowout fight with her boyfriend, Britney fired back saying that "the news is fake" and that she is "getting stronger everyday."

Later in the post, Britney devolved into a stream of consciousness stating that she needed to buy a new toothbrush and wanted an espresso.

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She wrapped up the rant by saying that she somehow twisted her ankle and that the paramedics "showed up at my door illegally" and harassed her.

Perhaps the most curious comment Britney made was a throwaway comment at the very end of the post that she is "moving to Boston."

Britney didn't elaborate about where in Boston she wanted to move or if she means the suburbs.

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Who knows? Maybe the idea of four seasons is a draw for Britney. Who doesn't love the idea of a white Christmas or a leafy suburban street in the fall? Heck, Boston's sports teams are a lot of fun to watch with the Bruins and Celtics both in the playoffs. Even when the Red Sox are terrible, it's still a bucket list item in life to experience a game at America's oldest ballpark.

While we couldn't agree more that Boston is a great place to live, it's hard to picture Britney living in Massachusetts full-time.

Will Britney Spears actually move to Boston?

It's unlikely, in our opinion.

Fun 107's Maddie Levine believes that Britney just picked the place that was farthest from the West Coast so she could detach from the drama in her life.

Boston was recently named a city that "Americans should avoid at all costs."

We're not sure if we agree with that report, either, but Britney must not have seen it.

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