When you think of Salem, you probably think of witches.

So, why not wizards, too?

That's clearly what several Airbnb renters thought when they decorated their apartments and rooms with Harry Potter décor and offered overnights to fans.

Salem boasts not one, not two, but three different Harry Potter-themed stays, though some definitely Potter better than others.

Each of the Potter overnight opportunities in Salem has really amazing features fans will love, but I think combining all three might be the best way to feel fully immersed in the Hogwarts world.

While one bed-and-breakfast in town lets you sleep in a bed that looks exactly like you'd picture Harry's four-poster dorm bed, another features a potions desk with lots of bottles and books to make you feel like you're actually taking class with Professor Snape.

There's an apartment that found a perfect Slytherin rug and two out of the three rentals have owls inside them (in case you need to send a note to anyone during your stay).

If we're being honest, none of the Harry Potter-themed rentals available in Salem are quite as cool as the Potter apartment you can rent in Queens, New York. Those owners really took the Potter love to a different level.

Still, these Salem stays are a lot closer and have plenty of Potter features for fans to enjoy.

Scroll through and see what the local Harry Potter overnights are like and let us know who you think Pottered best.

Three Harry Potter Overnights Available in Salem

When you think Salem, you probably think witches - so why not wizards too?
Clearly some people have wizards on their minds when spending the night in this historic town and Airbnb renters have plenty of options for those travelers. Three different 'Harry Potter' themed rentals are in Salem, though some clearly Potter better than others.

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