Florida's Republican Governor Rick Scott literally bought himself a seat in the U.S. Senate. Campaign filings indicate Scott spent $83.7 million to defeat incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson. And 76 percent, or $63.5 million, of it came from his own bank account. To win a job that pays $174,000 dollars.

Why would someone spend $63.5 million of their own money for a job that pays only $174,000? Is it me or does that seem rather stupid? And he barely won!

I suppose $63.5 million can buy you a place in history, not to mention a whole lot of access and influence. He'd have to work 365 years to earn that back. That's 61 six-year terms.

Is this what the swamp is all about? A bunch of rich folks buying powerful positions in the U.S. government? What is also amazing is that USA Today says 80 percent of candidates who self-fund their campaigns end up losing. But he won!

If we don't get around to draining this swamp, we are going to be consumed by it.

It may already be too late.

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