Richard Snow spent several years living outside the downtown Post Office and area bank walk ways, before finally passing away Sunday October 23, outside the New Bedford Bus Terminal. For life or death Mr. Snow chose to live on the streets. He was conversant and never aggressive, at least in front of me. To think of Snow as animal like is irresponsible. In a recent letter to the Editor, a Mattapoisett man declares believes we citizens treat dogs better than the Richard Snows of the area, that more needs to be done to assist unstable homeless folk.

It's apparent the letter's author knew nothing about the harden Richard Snow. Arthur Layton sits comfy at his computer terminal, tapping the keys thinking, our nation has everything, all the money in the world, and we can't keep a poor, senseless man from dying in the streets? The $64,000 question to Layton is how do you help a coherent person who, numerous times, flat out refuses your assistance?

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