A post in a Fairhaven-based Facebook group caused a stir Sunday night after a complaint was submitted about presumably homeless people sleeping in their cars near Pope Beach. The post immediately sparked an online debate about whether or not homeless people should be allowed to sleep in their cars in a residential neighborhood, or if they should be told to move along.

Fairhaven Police confirmed to Fun 107 that two to three homeless families periodically move from place to place around town. Over the past month, one of the groups has been sleeping at the end of Manhattan Avenue, near Pope Beach.  Dogs were also reported. Police say that one neighbor on the street has called multiple times to have the people removed.

Michael Rock/Townsquare Media
Michael Rock/Townsquare Media

"There's not much we can do about it because they're not really breaking the law," Fairhaven Police Capt. Michael Botelho said. "They're not really doing anything wrong.  We've gone down and talked with them and gently asked them to move along and not be parked there overnight, however, there are no signs that prohibit that right now."

Botelho said that the town may be considering posting a "No Overnight Parking" sign. A violation would be grounds for a written ticket for $50. He also said that if the cars were left idling for more than five minutes, that could result in a fine of between $100 and $500. Botelho indicated that he'd much rather see the people utilize one of the local shelters, but acknowledged that there are some who do not prefer a shelter. Fairhaven Animal control is also expected to check on the welfare of the dogs.

In the meantime, Pope Beach is still fair game for the homeless people seeking a place to sleep.

"One particular person in the neighborhood is really the only one complaining," Botelho said.

Fun 107 reached out to the woman who complained in a private Facebook group, but she refused to comment. No one was seen at the beach area in question this afternoon during a visit from Fun 107.

The Facebook post has since been removed. It is unclear who removed it.

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