It has been a year since Rosemary Heath and her husband George stood up to evil in a Taunton restaurant, saving the life of a pregnant waitress who was being stabbed by an assailant.  Rosemary stopped the attack while George attempted to restrain the man.  George was fatally stabbed in the temple.  An off duty sheriff's deputy, James Creed confronted the assailant, Arthur DaRosa and shot him dead.

The day after the random attack Rosemary Heath visited my studio for an hour long discussion about what had happened the night before.  She exhibited class, dignity, strength and a deep love for her now lost husband.  A day before the one year anniversary of the incident Rosemary returned to my studio a appearing just as strong, poised and dignified, and even a bit more self-confident and self-assured.  She seemed somewhat worn by the experience but determined to keep moving forward, "day by day."

A host of dignitaries will descent upon Rosemary's home to mark the one year anniversary.  They include Governor Charlie Baker, Lt. Governor Karen Polito and Congressman Joe Kennedy.  Rosemary Heath will be presented the Carnegie Medal of Heroism for George's bravery in giving of his own life to save that of another.

George Heath is more than worthy of this extremely prestigious award but, so is Rosemary.  She was the first to rise to protect waitress Sheenah Savoy that night.  Her courage in the face of an horrific event playing out before her should not go unrecognized.  Rosemary Heath stood up when most others ran the other way.

Rosemary Heath is a hero and a role model for all to emulate.   We are better because of people like George and Rosemary Heath.

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