So, first son Barron Trump has a fidget spinner.  He's a normal kid after all.

The press has had a difficult time covering young Barron.  His mother, First Lady Melania Trump has done a good job of protecting him from all of that.  She and Barron remained in New York while he finished the school year but have now moved into the White House where they will remain.

When Melania and Barron arrived in D.C. on Sunday the news media immediately focused on the President's son.  The clothing he was wearing did, and is still making news.  Barron sported a blue T-shirt from J. Crew with the words, "The Expert" printed on the front.  Some media reports stated the shirt immediately sold out while others insist that those reports are fake news!  Ah, hard news coverage.

But, Barron Trump's shirt was not the only thing getting coverage.  Barron was also seen with a red fidget spinner in his right hand.  Some media quickly posted pictures with the fidget spinner highlighted as though a valuable piece of information or evidence had been discovered.

Shortly after President Trump was elected the likes of Rosie O'Donnell began to raise questions about Trump's son and his mental health.  Rosie was certain Barron Trump must be autistic.   The fidget spinner, which was originally designed for kids with attention issues must have confirmed Rosie's diagnosis from some.

Fidget spinners are sold through out our listening area.  Literally tens of thousands of fidget spinners have been sold over the last few months.  Much to the chagrin of local school teachers it seems as though every kid has a fidget spinner.  Many adults have fidget spinners too.

It seems refreshing to see Barron Trump playing with a toy our kids play with.  He's one of us.  I think he's gonna fit right in.  I think the media is going to have it's hands full with this kid.

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