You knew someone would think of this sooner or later!  A seafood restaurant in Japan is fining customers who don't finish their meals.  They add a 20 dollar surcharge to a meal if everything is not eaten, even down to a piece of rice left in the bowl.  Does this sound extreme? 

The restaurant is actually doing this for a good cause, they are taking the proceeds they get from the surcharge and giving it to the fishermen who made the meal possible.  We all know that to be a fisherman is a very difficult and dangerous job and the restaurant feels that they deserve the gratitude and appreciation they get from the money.  You think something like this wouldn't go over to well but it is a big hit in Japan, so much so the owner of the restaurant has opened up a second location!

I think this might be something we should do at a local restaurant, if you don't finish your meal you get a surcharge, I don't think they should charge for every meal, they should choose one dish on the menu and let customers know that the will get the extra charge if they don't finish.  I think people will order it and not finish the plate just to get the extra charge, to help out area fishermen.  How about it, what restaurant do you think should add the surcharge to their menu and donate to our local fishermen?