U.S. Representative William Keating made his weekly appearance on The Chris McCarthy Show, giving his insight into President Trump's historic summit with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un.

Congressman Keating, who sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, has personally been to South Korea and saw firsthand the difficulty of daily life in dealing with the North.

"I was most concerned with the threat that existed on the border," he said. "Day in and day out, there are skirmishes along the border that could escalate very quickly."

He said now that the lines of communication are open between the North and the South, it calms some of his fears.

"That means the odds on those skirmishes getting out of control are drastically lessened," Keating said.

The congressman did say that he has a new concern, now that "an unprecedented amount of cooperation" between the United States, South Korea and Japan has now evaporated.

"The fact that the president bargained that away unilaterally, and then here's the difficult part: he never even consulted South Korea or Japan ahead of time," Keating said. "Those are our allies, (and that) is very disturbing. I'm sure there are cracks in that coalition."

Later on in the interview, Congressman Keating also discussed how the legislature is continuing to try to help the cranberry industry, and talked about some of the upcoming challenges in the House with impending votes on immigration.

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