The outrage du jour? Whoever ordered the USS McCain to be moved in advance of President Trump's arrival in Japan last week.

Oh my goodness, this ought to be worth a week or two on the cable network news and perhaps even a new special counsel investigation.

Fox News reports "Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan says his chief of staff will look into reports that the White House requested the USS John McCain be hidden from view during President Trump's visit to U.S. troops stationed in Japan."

The press was champing at the bit as Trump left the White House this morning, demanding to know who ordered the ship moved and whether Trump was in on the decision. It is a well-known fact that Trump and the late Senator John McCain were not exactly buds and often did things to piss each other off.

Trump assured the press that while he had no first-hand knowledge of the decision to move the McCain, his guess would be that it was well intended. Trump did admit that he was "not a big fan" of McCain's but insisted he would never do such a thing.

McCain, if in fact it was moved in response to Trump's visit, broke no laws as far as we can determine—but that won't matter. The response has been quick and of course, the blame will fall on Trump. McCain's daughter Meghan has already labeled Trump a "child" even though she has no evidence that he had anything to do with the decision.

Just another day in America. Think about it, though; things must be going really well on Main Street if this is the biggest thing we have to bitch about.

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