Freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota) is off to at least as rocky a start as Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York). Omar has made it clear that she hates all things Israel and all Jews.

She has faced harsh criticism by many fellow Democrats for her anti-Semitic views in the recent past. This one got a response from the White House President Trump said she should be forced to resign. Omar followed that remark with an apology to Jewish people, which Trump then called "lame." That last one seemed to enrage Omar. Here is what she said on

If Donald Trump "trafficked in hate" his whole life of 73 years, why did none of it come up until after he was in a position to defeat the Democratic Party and won the White House for the Republicans? He was adored by many Democrats, the NAACP, the lunatic left in Hollywood and others.

Does Trump hate Jews? Someone tell the nation of Israel that. No president has ever been more pro-Israel than Donald J. Trump. He gave his blessing for his own daughter to convert from Christian to Hebrew. How vicious!

If he hates blacks, why are they more making marked gains on the financial ladder since he's taken reins from President Obama? Actually, the African-American and Hispanic-Americans are enjoying the highest unemployment numbers in history.

That doesn't mean I'm crediting Trump for the recent good news for minorities, but if he were this unrelenting racist that she refers to, wouldn't he be sabotaging that kind of thing? I'm very happy to know minorities are staking their claim and making their own American success stories.

I don't really understand her claim about Trump hating the indigenous, or Native Americans. Where is that coming from? Is it based on his poking fun with Senator Elizabeth Warren, who made claims she was a Native American for personal gain, knowing she wasn't one? That too is a stretch.

I suppose her claim that President Trump hates Muslims is just Omar being a parrot but is based on his 2015 calling for a ban on allowing in Muslim immigrants "until we find out what the hell is going on." Then, candidate Trump made that December 2015 impulsive outburst following yet another attack on American citizens.

Syed Farook, a Saudi Muslim man, slaughtered 14 and wounded 22 others at a San Bernadino County Department of Public Health training event and Christmas party in California.

Trump later downsized his ban, calling for the denial of entrance into the U.S. by citizens of five Muslim-dominated nations: Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Libya and it also included a ban for North Koreans. It has to be mentioned that the Supreme Court upheld Trump's ban, which was challenged in lower courts.

This back-and-forth between these two ought to be a lot of fun for those, like me, who like the theater of polar opposites going at it through the media. Don't get me wrong; I know the nation is in need of healing, but neither of these two seems to have the medicine. So, why not have a bi-partisan laugh?

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