Are fans voting with their dollars? Since the recent flap over the Redskins controversy, sales of Redskins items have nosedived 35 percent in the most recent quarter despite a three percent overall rise in NFL merchandise! SportsSource, a service that tracks licensed merchandise sales across the country, and CNN say there are rumors in NFL circles pointing to a possible name change for the Redskins.

Others are saying the reason the Redskins sales are plummeting is because the team stinks. On field performance is a major factor when it comes to the sales counter. In general though, some people may be having second thoughts about wearing a jacket with a logo or name that has now been called racist.

Redskins owner Daniel Snyder has fiercely defended his team's name as being honorable, traditional, well-intentioned and harmless. But fans of the team are answering with a different message. What do you think? Would you purchase or wear a Redskin garment?

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