After a disappointing first, and most likely last, season with the Boston Red Sox, the 31 year-old pitcher will get season ending surgery to repair his injured arm. 

It has been a roller coaster ride for Red Sox pitcher Joel Hanrahan. Mainly just that uphill climb. Early on Hanrahan found himself on the 15-day disabled list. Upon his return, he was striped of his closer role in order to recover from his hamstring injury. Now it seems that another injury is causing him to end his season before the summer even starts.

Hanrahan said on Saturday that he would get season ending surgery to repair a torn tendon in his right arm. He told reporters that instead of a lengthy rehab process, he would just get the surgery and hope it was more of a permanent fix.

The closer situation in Boston looks pretty grim. With Hanrahan out, and his replacement Andrew Bailey also on the DL (bicep) that leaves them with Januchi Tazawa, who did not preform well in Saturday's loss to Toronto.